Sharon & Denise aspire to develop client relationships in which they can utilize their extensive knowledge of financial planning and asset management to help others achieve financial success.  Taking a holistic approach, Sharon and Denise cultivate a planning and review process, charting the best course for each individual to navigate personal life changes amid market fluctuations.  After identifying risk tolerance, prioritizing goals, and understanding a person’s entire financial situation, Sharon and Denise craft a comprehensive financial plan and investment portfolio that help clients realize their vision for the future.  They then provide ongoing updates, account monitoring, and advice for each personalized plan and track clients’ progress as they pursue their financial goals and life dreams.

Each financial situation is unique and often complex.  To ensure clients receive the best care, Sharon and Denise will work directly with clients’ attorneys, accountants and other professionals to help design and implement the most effective strategies for each person’s individual needs.  Sharon and Denise have established relationships with a roundtable of professionals should you need a referral.